Sunday, November 03, 2019

Why every Arsenal player should leave Arsenal

I noticed the last message/post that I did as about two years ago now which I was surprised by. I'm not sure actually why I don't do this anymore. People usually say they get busy or they can't be bothered but none of those are true. I can be bothered. I would like to post blogs about Arsenal and football. I also have the time. It doesn't take me long to do a blog.

I think the main reason is, consequence and reasoning. That's also the reason for the title. What is the consequence of our actions as Arsenal fans.

These days there is a massive social media presence for fans to express themselves. On the other hand I also believe that there are many many fans, who play no part in social media as fans. This I feel is because they can't be bothered and also they don't have the time. This of course doesn't make them less of a fan.

If a fan can't afford to go to games or lives on the otherside of the world or has other issues, like health that stops them. It doesn't make them less of a fan. Being a fan who goes to all the games and follows them all the time, is a matter of circumstance more than it is a matter of passion.

So, we can't really measure who is a great fan. You are a fan, because you say you are and somebody feeling their time thinking about Arsenal equates to them having more right to being a fan is why they are a fan. That makes them less of a fan because they are a fan to show they are a fan rather than being a fan because they enjoy it and want to be a part of something that brings people together. After all, that's the reason we are all fans. It gives us something to be a part of.

Being a part of something these days though becomes strange. Does being a fan mean you criticise the club all the time, every day, online, in your personal life?

Not everybody has that time or the circumstance for that but are they less of a fan because they can't moan and whine about Arsenal? If they only have time to think about Arsenal once a month, can't watch the games and don't really mind if they are 8th or 10th in the league - are they less of a fan, or even if Arsenal disappear into obscurity and they say, thanks for the memories... is that ok? Is that ok for many?

This is why I think every Arsenal player should leave Arsenal. I do believe this is a problem in social media these days as well that being a part of a football club becomes about expressing anger and frustration on a regular basis. They aren't our only emotions or/and expressions so these being the only way we have decided, or somebody has decided to, or been conditioned to express themselves is unfortunate.

A complete change at the club, a continuous change at the club might just make us realise that football clubs, changing, losing players and money and resources, doesn't change many things. We're not all Real Madrid or Barcelona. Liverpool, with all their achievements in this season, we're not always like that. I remember when we laughed at them for hoofing the ball under Gerrard Hoofier Houllier and we laughed at Phil Thompson as they struggled.

I also recall they still won things but they were seen as a lesser team then.

I wrote this because, we're not doing great, I would like us to do better, but I've seen worse under Arsenal - worse in fact in recent years. Considering how heavy and concentrated the premier league is right now, I feel we're doing ok especially as the transfer market is in a strange strange place.

I'm not saying I have solutions. that being said, with all the fans having different opinions and views, nobody has solutions but do I enjoy the game and enjoy football, even when we don't go through a good time? Yes. Of course I don't want us to do terrible or bad but I do believe with our money and resources, the board or some investors will react and Arsenal will remain, for a few decades at least in a lucrative position in football. That's just based on the economics of football.

I'd also like to win everything as well but, not every team can do that and we missed the calling on that a few years ago.

There are problems at Arsenal but it's time for people to come together and everybody to play a part in coming together and supporting each other. Blame games, are so unilateral and tunnel in vision, they barely see the wood for the trees.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal's position

All things considered, and without me writing so much to introduce this article, I think Arsenal are in a great position, as they have been for the majority of their history.

Now the arguments begin on a basis of relativity, when relating yourselves to others, and subjectivity, by relating yourselves to yourself, your past, your present and your future. We will, when taking these bases for argument find favour and disadvantage. What we shouldn't do is prioritise one argument over another and make that a priority. It is worthwhile taking every single perspective, weighing the benefits of every perspective and moving on from there.

If we look at the history of the world, there has barely been a history in the world where separation hasn't worked. Even when there has been some form of advantage or prosperity, the losses of separation leave, for lack of a better word, a scar, which stains the cultural bases in place.

So how, do you separate from Wenger. Well, we don't and for that reason, we shouldn't at this point in time. It seems things are so difficult at the moment that things will end on bad terms. So, the arguments that stems from this are, when do we separate and how but also, why shouldn't we separate.

For this point to continue, we need to assess if we are in a bad position right now. For that to take place, we need to look at it relatively and subjectively. In relation to others, without saying we must win a trophy, we are in a very good position. We will lose games and we will do badly but we are doing well. Yet, the problem is, in respect of our direct competition, looking at the major teams as a mini-league, we are not.

This is due to many reasons. Reasons don't become an excuse. We are not in a good place but it is tight. There are points in the situation so, things can change and they must change to get something from this. This being said, things aren't that bad. Would it be better if we were higher? Yes. That's like saying it would be nicer to have wings but we don't.

In comparison to ourselves then, subjectively, there is no denying, Arsenal are at a phenomenal position as a club right now. We can be better, we can be performing better but substantially Arsenal are in a very good position.

This is where the relative situation is up against the subjective situation. Fans do want us to be stronger because we appear to be healthy as a club which we are and it is what attracts players and it also gives us strength.

At this point I could list off the many reasons things haven't been well. There are many bad things. On the flipside, there are many good things too.

So, without doing that, because we have heard them all - does this mean we should at this point in time, with everything going on in the league, with Guardiola at Man City, Conte, Mourinho, should we change managers? Will it work?

Will these strong managers take advantage of us? Of course they will but then the question is, will we have something in place to counter this complex effect from them?

So, this is what I think. No. What we should is change many things at the club. We need to change training and management facilities. We need to bring in some tried at tested players and we need to change how we play but we shouldn't make big changes right now, but make small changes in the background. This doesn't mean removing. I mean, adapting a role, transforming a role.

Importantly, as many commentators and ex-players have said, we need to give every player a defensive role.

I will end here. I may post again about this but I may not. I will end with this. Billions of people around the world are into football. Nearly everybody on the planet is affected by the game. Why in our position are we suffering so much? Yes, it is not pleasant considering the huge highs we have had. Alright. Ultimately though, this is not a time to have binary opinions. It is not a time to assess football merely on the surface.

As fans, we have the ability to look at football from diverse and substantial levels. Looking at the changes that can go on everywhere. I do feel we need a new manager and I do feel we need a lot of things but we can do this slowly and without feeling there is not much else possible in the game, besides making a drastically huge change. I don't think there is a point in any sphere of life that has worked and it is imaginary to assume that it is ever workable. Somebody has to fix things after those moments and I've seen, even then, the person fixing is seen as such a fixer that even he gets criticised and is asked to leave.

Which is why, I feel, it is better to a comprehensive appreciation of football and not one based on what we see on the surface.