Sunday, January 02, 2011

Can Cheryl Cole do this? Simon Cowell and mediocre pound stretching of the premiership

Useless individual in the public eye, one Cheryl Cole, conveniently told by her publicist to exercise the far extremes of a Newcastle accent fails to live up to any qualities that would benefit humanity.

Although she does benefit somebody's wallet. That's usually Simon Cowell who stretches mediocrity beyond its moments of death to the masses - the masses who are fooled into believing mediocrity has merit.

So in light of the world of Cheryl, you can use what you can to your benefit so you are two types of footballer's wife/girlfriend. The one who benefits more from dragging her husband through the dirt and the one who doesn't. I believe that a fair number of footballers do career away from their monogamy and venture out to the world of, well not polygamy, but hedonist modern day make up addicts who dwell in the dark scary holes of loud health hazard music we call night clubs.

Yes, even Footballers with all their money are sent crawling to these nightmares of modern contemporary sinkhole living that are night clubs. For sex I guess and maybe... to show themselves. To parade in some macabre mating ritual because there is nowhere else to show off your wealth. Clothes are so rudimentary and obvious that everyone is wearing your threads. Cars are such and the same that you are no different to anybody else with the same car. So where can you go but these filth ridden effluence of evolution or Hell. Maybe we can get Richard Dawkins to put this area of evolution in his next book and put it next to the chapters on commercialisation and capitalism.

This is where they go. Beyond our temples of dreams and our obeisance to the premiership TV screen, the money gets spent on the drugs of the moment, from extreme fashion, to sex, to alcohol - to any other stretching of mediocrity. That's the sign of our times. We are so finite in our relation to talent that we feel the only thing worth looking at are the publicity echoed through magazines related to sexualised images of nothingness. Well nothing worth nothing.

So Cheryl in all her pretty pointless appreciation of wisdom couldn't see the brilliance of Ashley Cole. Neither could we to be honest and we called him "Cashley Cole" because he wanted another 5 thousand pounds. Such is our fans mediocre appeal to football that we didn't think the once "best left back in the world was worth anything more" but if we look at the premiership today, the appreciation of mediocrity is too far away. Teams that were once giant beaters are dwindling further down the table to be replaced by teams, that still don't garner appreciation regardless of how much their players express brilliance and their managers scowl at the bias and prejudice in favour of the big four.

People still expect Liverpool to do well for all their problems there is no appreciation for the balance we can see in other teams. For all the money spent at Manchester City and Chelsea (basically Billionaire money funnelling organisations), they appear to be no match against the likes of teams that spend far less. Pretty ugly world I think considering how the owners of these clubs made their money.

Pretty much Cheryl Cole in perspective because Cheryl got all her money from being a pretty face and an exploiter of Geordieness and these Billionaires got their money from pillaging and raping the planet. OK, we all do it but there was no talent or brilliance involved so how can we expect them to spend well when it comes to money?

No different is Simon Cowell.

So to summarise and supplement, the electronic digital obeisance with the credit addiction has destroyed global supply chains. We can no longer give the world amazing talent, amazing expression and the world no longer recognises for all the mixed messages of sex, yes, blame sex, sex messages that are sent through the media. Our children are barely prepared for any of this and for all her complete lack of morals and decency - Cheryl Cole is a true example of everything wrong in the world and she exercises behaviour and attitude to fuel this.

No matter how good the premiership becomes. No matter how brilliant the quality in the league is, we will never ever see what is great because of Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Billionaires with nothing but "ownership" and as much talent to do something as a drug riddled junkie locked in an empty room with no windows or doors.

Pretty much like what happens when the X Factor is on.

Can Cheryl Cole do this?


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