Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arsene Wenger is good - but he's not that good

Gritt - Hell Yeah
Allure - Renaissance
Bat For Lashes - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)
Teenagers in Tokyo - End It Tonight (Nightschool Disco Hijack Mix)
N.E.R.D - Hot N' Fun (Feat. Nelly Furtado)

Islam remains to be one of the biggest news stories in the world today. This will never change because muslims look out for number one and they know that if they support their own kind, if they continue to fight for the greatest achievement then people will listen - and people do, even though nobody believes them because in the greater scheme of things satisfaction is far more vivid than Religious faith.

The same can be said for our punters on Football highlights shows and sports channels. They go on and on about how great managers at the major clubs are - all the while people like Roy Hodgson and David Moyes create greatness at clubs that barely get a shoe in. They don't have the money and the commercial demonism of the big clubs but in the same way, the TV channels know the money is in the big clubs so you have to praise them as much as possible.

You won't find a drug dealer saying his supply is rubbish, will you.

Unless you're called Peter Hill Wood that is.

For this reason, this satisfaction, this lack of drive and looking into the abyss is a disease for the Arsenal fan. It's not realism, it's not positivity, it's a disease. We know the world of football works on money and we know we have money. You will have to be stupid to believe that Arsenal don't have money. Ever year we have made money for the last 20 years... where is all of that money? Do we burn the left overs every year?

We could be demolishing mountains and draining oceans but our support is too busy believing a marketing campaign that has brainwashed them into cult followers with a leprosy for the brand that is Arsenal.

The moment we can say, this isn't working. We're doing so much that is wrong. We're failing - is the moment that we will quickly see that there is glimmer of light in football where a team can achieve great things, just like Portsmouth, drifting into the Championship became runners up in the FA Cup, which is the non-trophy for a North London club that regardless of having a status of one of the richest clubs in the world has one eff all for 5 years.

We shouldn't be considering the logic of a manager and a team or a club, but just putting some faith and belief in change and realising that only if we spend money will we attain something because let's face it, you pay money to get into the ground or follow Arsenal don't you? That's where our answers lie.


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