Monday, February 01, 2010

Is there a limit to football quality? Have United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal gone as far as they can?

DJ Stroke - Dangerous (RHCP vs. Busta Rhymes)
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Lady GaGa - Retro Physical
The Knife - The Height of Summer

You know those films where a man has a dream as a child and wishes to become something or do something but his high school sweetheart pops up and they have kids - and then maybe the wife dies (to add some drama or sentiment to the story) and he has to raise the kids himself because one of them is an annoying brat and then he has the chance to live his dream but he says "No Kids, you were my dream!"

For a long time now (since we never won any trophies) some fans have been saying we need to get this player, we need to get that player - we need this manager or we need to do something differently. I have to wonder - what if that is not at all possible no matter what we try? What if, if you're lucky enough to get a player or get a good thing going that...

Is as good as it gets.

You reach a summit, you attain a height and then it stops. Life gets in the way.

Now this heightened for me when John Terry and all that story came out. It could be false. It could be - but how much does such a story affect a team? How much did Ray Parlour's divorce affect the Arsenal team and then the players disappearing? Alongside all the other snowball effects, what does this do to a team?

How important is morale?

I think sometimes, a club has a huge problem finding that missing link. One the surface, fans will talk about players and positioning and maybe, financing - but what about everything else? What if the club is in such a position that it is practically impossible to make a change?

Some clubs are just rubbish, let's face it... they could, as we have seen, get some dynamite player or some extra money but what does that do? Once the spiral begins, it explodes. Look at Newcastle United. Do you blame the fans? Do you blame the chairman? Who?

It's a lot of things.

I guess for Arsenal, money is a factor. We always wonder, with all of our money (and no matter what anybody says, a club that has made a profit for over 10 years, has money!) we still do not spend it. We have everything in our favour but we still don't spend it? In business, this is an organisation that is making itself, and keeping itself, investable.

That - may just me the problem...

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